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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Strongly American accented Spanish

I'm a language teacher, but I have a confession to make. It really, really, really irks me when I hear Spanish spoken with a really strong American accent. I'm sitting in the café area of one of the campus libraries trying to type a paper on Los Angeles Spanish and there are a couple of students sitting behind me practicing for their oral exam/presentation in a lower level Spanish class.

It burns us, it burns us!

Oh well...I guess I'll have to deal with it.

4 or 5 hours in the library

James had mentioned to me yesterday that he was planning to go to campus to work in the library. This morning, I decided that I should probably do that to, so we decided to go around 1:00. At about 1:00, I realized that I still needed to trim the ferrets' toenails, so I got James to help me do that, and then we drove up to campus...probably getting there around 1:30. It was game day, so I was afraid that I would have trouble finding a parking space, but I found one in one of the contract lots that is open to the public nights and weekends. :) We were probably in the library by 2:00. I read and highlighted a number of articles that need to become a coherant presentation on L.A. Spanish by Tuesday at 3:30, which effectively means by the time I go to bed tomorrow since I probably won't have time at all on Monday because of the written M.A. exam Monday afternoon. I also found a disseration on L.A. Spanish to use, though it was written in 1967, so I can't really speak to the current validity of it. Anyway, we were at the library until about 6:oo. Then we went home and I had Margie come over to work on another project until about 8:20. After that, I hung out with James, ate some of his chicken teriaki, and watched the end of the movie "Bewitched".

I'm tired, so I'm going to bed now. I've been pretty tired the last couple of days. I think it's probably a combination of the change of the weather and stress over the M.A. exam.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

My babies

Aren't they cute!

I want someone to snuggle with!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Lysol bathing

On the bus today was a guy who just reeked of Lysol or some other cleaning product. Please do not bathe in Lysol. Please do not spray your clothes with Lysol. I swear, I deinitely had shortness of breath when the guy sat down in front of me.

Ditto on lots of hairspray, perfume or cologne. A bit is nice. More than one spritz is enough to send a few people to the emergency room! There's this one lady on the bus who always has her hair sprayed so heavily that I can taste it when she gets on. Can we say asthma???

I'm not morally opposed to chemicals, but if they are still noticeable, especially from a few feet away, after they have dried/been rinsed away, you're using too much or not rinsing well enough! So, yes, use a bit of bleach for cleaning if you don't like vinegar or other natural solutions, but rinse it away!

Natural is usally better, though.

And as always, frequent personal bathing and laudering of clothing with some variety of detergent and water is very strongly recommended! (If I could, I'd require it, but I just don't have that power!)

Ate a KrispyKreme...probably shouldn't have


Thursday, April 27, 2006

At least Ratboy loves me

When life is less than ideal, I can at least always take a time out and hug my baby boy. A few nose kisses from Chaos are well worth a bit of allergic reaction.

Chaos doesn't care if I watch TV or grade papers or both while holding him. I often recline back, let him sleep on my chest, and read an article. Ferrets are like dogs in that sense. Feed them and they will not hate you. Bring a ferret up with love, and it will love you. (Chaos is there...we're still working on Fuzzball...she has a lot of catching up to do!)

James is a great guy

My neighbor, James, is awesome, one of the nicest guys I've ever met.

OK, I really need to go to bed now.


After suspecting that there was once again something wrong with the world, I met up with a friend of mine. We met at a coffee shop and talked. Then we decided to take a bus to her place. We walked to a bus-stop, but there was a car-alarm that wouldn’t stop, so we decided to walk up to the next one. Then we saw the bus drive by. We caught up to it at the next light, but since it wasn't a bus-stop, the driver wouldn't let us get on. So, we walked further hoping to catch another bus. We went to the stop and waited. There was a truck with a trailer pulled over just before the corner that we were waiting on. We saw the bus stop for the light behind 2 or 3 cars, next to the truck and trailer, and we contemplating walking out into the street to meet the bus, but then decided that it was probably better to wait at the curb. That bus didn't pick us up either, and this time we were at the stop! We walked a bit further and finally caught another bus. We decided that since my friend had no food at her house, that we would go sit on the deck of her favorite restaurant. While we were there, we got to talking…

I think that there are two extremes of people when it comes to appearances; prototypically, those who care, and those who don't.

The first group, then, is those to whom appearance is everything. Those who care make sure to dress nicely all the time. They are the ones who torture themselves with make-up and high-heels. They are also the ones who spend a lot of time peeking out of their curtains at the neighbors and commenting on how messy his or her yard/car/house/etc. is. Their mothers told them that they had to be careful of their appearance. These are the people who go to meetings and when they have enough extra brainpower to not be completely riveted by the talk/lecture, they look at everyone else to find fault with them. (Look at her hair! My God, is he chewing gum? Is he doodling?)

Then there are those on the other side. These are the people who dress comfortably, sometimes matching colors, sometimes not. They basically do what they want to do and are too busy with their own affairs to be much concerned about anyone else. If they see someone else doing something weird, they just shrug. Their mothers told them that you can't judge a book by its cover and it's what's on the inside that counts. If they have excess brainpower at a meeting/lecture, they doodle or something. They might be the only one, or everyone else might be doing it too, but these people wouldn't know, because they're not looking over at everyone else.

I think that I fall much closer into the second category than the first. I feel that people can do whatever they want as long as it's not affecting me. I don't see why people are overly concerned by what I do or where I do it. Perhaps they should just doodle themselves rather than looking to see what everyone else is doing. Either way, both people have excess attention that needs an outlet. As long as they are able to follow what is going on and are quiet, I don't see that one is much better than the other. I think that a certain person who has been particularly interested in my behavior of late is probably more on the other end; always well dressed, and always concerned about appearances of herself and others. This is where I look over and shrug and wonder why one would want to stress so much about what someone else is doing or looks like.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

or is it?

When I was talking to my friend about animals and stuff and saying that I thought that he should have a larger tank for his fish (instead of the 4.75" bowl that he has now), he said something to the effect of 'it bothers me that you criticize me for having my fish in what is obviously a fishbowl'. This bothered me, but I didn't quite have my finger on the reason for it at the time. However, while I was in the shower this morning, the reason crystallized for me.

It's marketed as a fishbowl. It's sold as a fishbowl. It was bought as a fishbowl. It is indeed a bowl and does indeed have a fish in it. I guess it's a fishbowl. (We sold them at JoAnn-Fabrics as vases.)

It's Twinkies (with a purported shelf-life of 12 years, though this might be urban legend). It's labeled food. People eat it. It has a nutrition information label. It must be food. (Even though it has no nutritional value.)

It's called clothing. It was worn as clothing. A corset must be a piece of clothing. (Even though frequent use leads to back muscle atrophy, rib deformation, and other problems.)

It's marketed as a slave. It's bought as a slave. It's treated like a slave. It must be a slave. (Even though a human being is subjected to utter degradation.)

I guess the point here, is that even though something might commonly be given a certain use, it's good to question those uses. Sometimes a commonly accepted usage is less than healthy or humane.

Congress will vote soon on ownership-issues on the web

"Right now Congress is pushing a law that would abandon the First Amendment of the Internet -- a principle called "network neutrality" that preserves the free and open Internet. Congress needs to hear from you today or they will hand over control of what you do online to companies like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast."

I'm all for free speech on the web. If you want more information and/or to sign an online petition to keep the web out of corporate control, go here.

Animal rights

I got into a discussion with a friend of mine recently about animal rights. Basically, I was at a petstore with this friend and the kid working there said that he wanted to have a ferret, but just one. I said that he shouldn't have just one, because it wasn't good for the ferret because a human simply isn't active enough to play with a ferret the way that ferrets like to play. I hadn't noticed, but afterwards, my friend said that I had crushed this kid's dreams of having a ferret at all, since from what my friend heard, the kid was barely even allowed one.

Well, I'm sorry if I hurt the kid's feelings; I probably should have been less direct; but I do think that the ferret's well-being is more important than the temporary hurt feelings of the kid. I think that having a pet is like having a child. If you can't provide a happy, healthy environment for it, you shouldn't have it. This means, that if you have a social animal, then you are obligated to provide it with companionship.

Also, you should provide animals with the space that they need. A dog needs both space and companionship. Really, you should spend many hours a day with your dog. This is easier if the dog is in the house with you when you are home. It probably wasn't very fair of us to keep our dog outside in the winter in the backyard. No one wanted to be outside in the winter, so she didn't get much attention, and she wasn't close enough to the street to watch the world go by.

With fish and other small creatures, I think they also need to have a larger amount of space then the bare minimum for survival. Sure; a person can survive in solitary confinement for years with the right food and water, but the quality of life isn't very great. From what I've read, I'd imagine that it is a similar situation for fish.

Bottom line: If you get a pet, think about the pet's quality of life!

On a lighter note, there was a really cute baby ferret at the petstore with some interesting spotty markings. She was very cute and adorable and was climbing right up my arm when I put it down into the cage. If I were allowed to have more ferrets, I would have been tempted to buy her and call her "Spot".

Driving lesson

I took James out driving to teach him how to drive a manual transmition. It was an experience, though I must say, he was easier on my back, neck and transmition than any of the other boys who I've taught to drive stick. We went to an abandoned mall parking lot and I let him drive around for a while, getting that whole 1st gear/clutch/gas thing down. We got as far as 3rd gear there and did a bit of reverse. Then, I took him out to a country road and had him practice up to 5th gear. We stopped a bit after dark and headed home. There's still some practice needed, but on the whole, he's doing pretty well.

Monday, April 24, 2006

conversation hearts

My miniature conversation hearts from Valentines Day are almost stale enough. I like them to be crunchy enough so that I can bite down on them and split them in half vertically to create two perfect hearts.

5 more minutes...

Why couldn't she just leave me in the cage???

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Whose job is it to entertain whom?

Sometimes Ratboy just looks really bored...

Often, he gets really excited when I get up and walk across the room, because he thinks I'm gonna do a trick or something... maybe I'll open a DOOR!!!!!!!!!

More outdoor photos

Here are some more photos from out back.

Outdoor photo-shoot

I decided to take the fuzzies outside to take some pictures. Unfortunately, I didn't realize until after I got back inside that my lens was really smudged. Oh are some of the better shots.


I put the ferrets back into their cage last night around 9:00 and went grocery shopping. When I got back around 10:00, I heard jingling from the cage. It turns out that I had forgotten to take Fuzzball's belled harness off of her.

I usually take the belled harnesses off of the ferrets before putting them back in the cage for two reasons. The first is so that they are safe and comfortable. It would be horrible for the bell or some other part of the harness to get caught on something. The second is completely selfish. I don't want to hear them flopping around in the middle of the night.

Speaking of night, I had a dream that I had gotten up to get a drink of water, and I heard ferret bells. I looked over into my dark livingroom and saw the silouette of a ferret. At first, I thought it was Fuzzball. I went to turn on the light and Chaos came running towards me. In the dream, I think I decided that I had forgotten to put both of them back in the cage for the night. Then I woke up.

Friday, April 21, 2006

People are often allergic to animals...does it go the other way around?

It has come up often in conversation, the question of whether pets can be allergic to people like people can be allergic to pets. After having considered that people are either allergic to saliva and/or feces, the probability of a pet reacting to a person is minimal since people don't usually spread their saliva by oral bathing and/or leave their feces in random places unlike many animals. So even if an animal is allergic to humans, it is unlikely that we would ever find out.

That's the thought for the day.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Fuzzball and her fur

Here are some pictures of Fuzzball with her newer fur. The vet had to shave her belly to operate, so that is just now starting to come back in. She has no more adrenal tumor hair-loss related bald spots anymore! It's kinda weird; the fur on her 'saddle' came in all fluffy white first and now the stiffer colored guard hairs are coming in. On the top of her head and her behind, there is no fluff, just guard hair. Hopefully it will all fill in soon!

Fuzzies sleeping

Aren't they cute!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Trimming ferret toenails

Have I mentioned lately how great James is? Whenever I ask him to, he comes over and restrains ferrets while I trim their nails. With Chaos it's not big deal. You give him some FerreTone and he's happy to more or less sit there and let you trim his nails.

Fuzzball of course is another story. She fights it the whole way. It helps to hold her by her scruff and drape a blanket around her.

Waiting for the bus

As I stood waiting for the bus, I saw a number of other busses go by and realized that mine was running late.

I saw a couple of taxis drive by and thought about flagging one. Then I wondered if that was even possible here. Apparently, the rules of the game do not allow you to flag a taxi in Minneapolis, for example.

After contemplating whether it was possible or not, I started to consider the cost and remembered the taxi situation in Bolivia. There, they would take you a couple of miles for 3 or 4 bolivianos ($.38 US or $.50 US). I went out into the countryside by taxi for 40 bolivianos round trip ($5.00 US). I spent more on the wine than on the transportation to get there. The bus in town only cost 1.5o bolivianos ($.19 US)...on the other hand, the busses were small, crowded, smelly, and always in danger of breaking down. If you had a couple people standing around waiting for the bus, a taxi driver would often drive by and offer to take you "a precio de micro" (for the price of bus fare).

I came to the quick realization that no American taxi-driver would ever offer to take me or even a group of friends for the price of bus fare any distance. *sighs* The moral of the story is that taxis are affordable for a middle class person in Bolivia, but not in America. (I got where I was going today on time, despite the late bus.)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Fuzzball did it!

Fuzzball actually made it into the litterbox herself when I had her out to play this morning. I wonder if she's feeling well?!

weird dream

I had another strange dream. This time, I was driving across country through a desert. I remember seeing a flock of really large birds, perhaps an eagle or a condor with a bunch of young, though I don't think that birds of prey usually fly in flocks with their chicks or anyone else! I ended up driving into a sandstorm, and the only thing I saw was the back of the vehicle in front of me. I remember braking and hoping that the guy behind me would notice that I was slowing down. I "woke up" in a hotel(?) and realized that I didn’t know where I was going. I tried pulling out a map to figure out where I was. I knew that I had been on I-?, and I had passed an exit for a town named "Beer". When I looked on the map, though, I couldn't find it. I thought that maybe I had been heading towards Los Angeles or something. I called my dad, and he said that I was on my way to visit my uncles in Oregon. At some point within the dream, I realized that it must be a dream and I decided to wake up. I thought that I had woken up in my apartment, but then I realized that the rooms weren't laid out right. Then I saw my brother in the apartment, but it wasn't him now, but rather when he was a kid. (He's pudgy now, but was really skinny as a kid; however he was a pudgy kid in my dream.) Sometime around then, I actually woke up.

The problem with dreams is that you've already mostly forgotten them by the time you write them down. I'm sure literary theory would have something to say about this.

Monday, April 17, 2006

odd dream

I have just the oddest dreams. This morning, it was a kind of medieaval epic featuring elements of Norse, Romanian, Latino, and Fantasy stories. Lots of intrigue, lots of death. Any adventure film maker would have been proud of the battle scenes. Go figure.

Fuzzball and her blood-sugar

I checked Fuzzball's blood-sugar today. It came out at 89. I think that's OK, but I'm writing to the vet just to make sure.

Update: The vet wrote back saying that I don't need to be concerned unless it drops below 60.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Maybe Fuzzball is a thief afterall...

I just saw Fuzzball take a ball of string and carry it off under the couch. Maybe other things will start going missing now.

She really has a completely different character since having had the operation. She is much more sociable now. She sleeps more deeply. Perhaps she's also more interestd in hoarding things.

Chaos is molesting Fuzzball

Fuzzball was sleeping in her little bed, just minding her own busines, when Chaos climbed in and started bugging her. She chased him out two or three times, but then she finally decided to get up and leave. The poor dear then tried to eat some food but he kept jumping on top of her. Now he's ignoring her and is himself in the covered bed...just like a man, I tell you!

Super hyper Chaos boy

Chaos must have rested well yesterday. He's been really active this morning. He's been following me around, hoping that I will do something exciting. I dangled the leather leash over him for a while so that he could catch it. He's been climbing everywhere! He's also been reaffirming the law of gravity by knocking small objects off of my desk.

I had him sitting on my lap and I started tickling his nose with his tail. He bit his own tail! Funny boy.

Tired babies

The ferrets have only gotten up to relieve themselves and grab a quick snack once all afternoon/evening/night. They must have really been tired out! I just put them back into their cage at 10:30, and they just rolled into bed, not really even waking up in between.

Fuzzball walks funny

I can't help but wonder if there is something wrong with Fuzzball's front legs. I suspect that her first owner might have fed her sub-optimal food during her essential developmental phase. Her front legs seem a bit bowed or something. When you look at her walking, her front end seems to be just a bit lower to the ground than one might expect.

Play hard; sleep harder!

See Fuzzball sleep.

Sleep, Fuzzball, sleep!

Time outside

I had forgotten some notes on campus that I need to write the midterm that I am avoiding writing by posting this blog. So, I asked James if he wanted to go up to campus with me to get my notes and to take the ferrets for a walk. He decided that he was too tired. (Speaking of tired, I'm really tired!) I then called Anna. I picked her up at her place and drove to campus. We went upstairs, got my stuff then walked a ways, eventually sitting down on a green.

As usual, Ratboy seemed to enjoy every minute of it. He was busy looking at stuff and sniffing things. He dug a little deeper in his favorite burrow under the tree. Fuzzball made a couple scratches at the hole and lost interest. She went very slowly. Chaos was running everywhere. She alternated from walking leisurely to lying down and refusing to move. I carried her a lot. When I was heading back to the car after saying good bye to Anna, Fuzzball bit me on the chin. I don't know what her problem was. I assumed she wanted down, so I waited a bit and then let her wander around some more. Chaos has significantly more stamina than she does. She always seems lethargic.

Anyway, after getting home and taking a nap, around 3:00, James and I decided that it was time for breakfast. We decided to do homemade whole wheat pancakes. I needed to get some baking soda to do it, so I left the ferrets with him. They went straight to sleep. They've essentially been sleeping ever since I got home around 1:00.

Oh yeah, I got a really bright sunburn. Hopefully it will be a tan by tomorrow or the day after. Unfortunately, it's only one my back, chest and right shoulder since we were sitting outside facing east, so the tan will be uneven.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Sleeping together

A lovely counter-example to my previous post.

Jay Leno asks people some Bible trivia

Apparently, per the people interviewed by Jay Leno, the Pope either lives in Amsterdam, England or Paris, England. Just in case you were wondering where Amsterdam and Paris are located, it would seem to be England and not The Netherlands and France as may have previously been thought.

Also, a little tidbit perhaps of interest to those near and dear to my heart, the two cities destroyed by God for their sinful ways were the Twin Cities. This might explain a why I haven't heard from many inhabitants of said cities recently.

That's right can make that bigger

Chaos does the best he can to enlarge any hole he finds himself in. Somehow, I doubt that he'll have much success here, though.

Definitely allergic to Chaos

I was wearing a low-cut tank-top and holding Ratboy. He was licking my chest. I've got redness and swelling where he was licking. Frustrating. I guess I just need to avoid letting him lick me on sensitive areas. Fortunately, it seems to be OK for him to lick my face and hands.

Big hail!

Hail is really loud on my roof. The newscaster says that it's as much as golfball sized hail. I looked out the window and saw hail as big as marble shooters, but no golfballs. I'm hoping that my car isn't getting too dented!

Update: Unlike the windshield of a car of a local reporter, my car is still intact. There are a couple of dents on the hood, but they might have been there before. All is happy in my little world.

Separate beds

Yeah...they often choose to sleep in separate beds, like an old married couple...or maybe those who don't really love each other...

On the other hand, they sometimes curl up together.

Maybe it's just too hot here now to want to be cozy together.

Fuzzy babies

Sorry to those of you who have come here looking for pictures of the fuzzies and haven't found anything; I've been rather busy of late. Here are a couple pictures of the babies in the cage.

I'm pretty sure that Fuzzball has burgundy eyes. Every picture I've taken of her has shown red eyes, but I rarely get such an effect with Chaos.

Here's a shot of Ratboy. He just came out of the tunnel and crawled into the plastic bag that he had left directly in front of the tunnel opening a few minutes before.

Is vinegar dangerous?

We have an electric water kettle at work. It often develops a mineral coating on the inside on the bottom. Sometimes, the coating starts breaking up and little crusties float around in the water. Well, the department secretary told me to boil some vinegar in it to get rid of the mineral deposit. I've done this for quite some time. Today or yesterday one of the women in my office came in and said "hold your breath if you go into the copyroom (where the electric water kettle is), because SOMEONE is boiling vinegar!" I responded, "why yes, I am." She then said that I should boil the water first and then add vinegar afterwards. She said that the vinegar fumes are toxic. I decided to do some online investigation to see if the vinegar fumes really are toxic, and I came across this website. Basically, a science teacher got cited for having a sealed bottle of food-grade vinegar not in a special dangerous-acids cabinet. Go figure...your salad will kill you...or something.

I still don't know if vinegar fumes are toxic (annoying, but not toxic), but if you know better, let me know!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Recap of the last few days

We've had a lot of people visiting the grad program lately as prospective students. I took one for a walk down by my apartment and had another one stay with me. They both liked the ferrets. It was pretty fun to have a "sleepover". It's really a pity that all of my friends who might otherwise be inclined to come through and visit are either married with children or live with significant others.

Fuzzball has been rather friendly lately. :)

The weather was gorgeous yesterday, so I a blanket, a book, a dish of water and the ferrets outside on the green behind the apartment building. I laid out on the grass and tried to read while the ferrets ran as far as their leashes would allow. There was a little boy and his aunt walking by. She was Asian and spoke very little English and probably between 20 and 30 years old. He was Hispanic and spoke perfect English, probably about 5 years old. (I had no solid evidence of him being a Spanish speaker in the beginning, but I had a hunch.) Anyway, I told him that he could touch Chaos, but not Fuzzball. So he came over and pet Chaos. Then he told his aunt that she could "touch this one, but not that one!" over and over again. They went away and came back a few times. All the while, he kept saying how cute Chaos was. He even started picking Chaos up, which kinda irked me because he hadn't asked, but I let it go because Chaos tolerates it. After about the 5 return, I decided that it was time to put an end to it so that I could read in peace. I turned to the boy as he started to pick Chaos up again and said, "¡Déjalo! ¡Él quiere dormir ahora!" (Leave him! He wants to sleep now!) The kid responded, "¿Usted habla español?" (You speak Spanish?) "Hablo un poco español." (I speak a bit of Spanish) "¡Yo mucho!" (I [speak] a lot!) Anyway he finally went away and left me to read in peace. Another Hispanic group came out to sit on the grass. They had a toddler, who toddled over within a few feet of Chaos, but didn't come close enough to touch him, even though I let them know that he didn't bite and it was OK to touch him. Fuzzball was asleep in my purse most of the time.

There was a potluck for the Department linguists at Julie's on Monday. That was nice. There were even a couple of professors there for the first couple of hours. Of course, the boys waited until after they left to get drunk!

Yesterday in the afternoon, there was a going-away-party for Professor M, who is returning to Germany. It's too bad he has to go. He's a real sweetheart (and the extra $36/week in tutoring pay wasn't bad either!).

Today is relatively leisure. I have to go "teach" in a few minutes, but I have a guest speaker coming today, so I didn't have to lesson-plan.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Brain Cells

I was listening to public radio today, and I heard that contrary to earlier belief, brain cells do in fact regenerate. Drink on in moderation!

Fuzzball's belly

Fuzzball's incision has been completely healed for a while now. Here's a picture. You can't really see it here, but she's got some dark stubble growing in. I bathed her today and could see a 5 o'clock shadow over most of her body. If you look at previous bathing pictures, she just looks naked when her puffy white undercoat is wet.

She also has a bit of stubble on her naked spots. It looks like she should be fully furry in a relatively short period of time!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

jogging shoes

I went jogging today for the second time since September, the other time being two weeks ago. I had to dig through my car to find my MP3-player, which had been floating around the floorboard since Thanksgiving. Then I had to get a new battery for it, so I walked a few blocks to a Walgreens and bought a couple.

Then I started jogging. I made it about 10 minutes/1 mile. Then I walked another half mile to an athletic shoes store.

The salesman looked at me walking and said that I didn't have anything wrong with my gait, so I didn't need to have special shoes. He showed me a couple of pairs. I asked him about price, and he said it would range from $80 to $90, which wasn't a surprise, since my friend Julie, who recommended the store, had said as much. I asked if there was anything any cheaper. He found a pair on close-out that I tried on. They actually felt better than the other options, as well as costing much less. I paid $62.19 by the time tax was added in. They are "Brooks Radius 04". I wore them home, walking an alternate route of 2.25 miles. I jogged a bit, but only very short increments, maybe 1 or 2 minutes.

It will be a while before I can jog 20 minutes at a stretch and even longer before I get back up to 30 minutes! It's amazing how quickly you fall out of shape and gain weight! It's depressing, really. All the work of a year of training and weightloss, and then you stop for a few months and gain all the weight back!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ratboy snores

I walked over to the cage this morning and hear a light rumor of a buzz/whine. I moved in a little closer and localized the sound. It was Ratboy! Imagine a bumble-bee laughing. Very cute. I wonder if it's normal for ferrets to snore?

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

How well do you know me?

I got a link to this quiz site from a friend of mine.

Unlike my friend, I decided to ask questions that people who met me after high school would have chance of answering. (No offense, Dear, but I can't be expected to know the exact name of your high school business organization!)

Anyway, it looked like fun, so here it is. Good luck. (I suspect that anyone who keeps up with this blog can probably answer just about everything on it.)

Take my Quiz on!

At least my ferrets aren't thieves!

Most ferrets are thieves. I always assumed that all were. However, I haven't caught my babies stealing socks, keys, cords, or anything else that is usually prime ferret booty.

This is a good thing, because I forgot to start the dryer and when I went back to get my clothes right before the onsite-laundry closed for the night, I realized that I'd have to air-dry everything from that dryer. Fortunately, I have clothes racks for that purpose, and fortunately, my ferrets don't seem to be at all interested in them.

Hopefully by tomorrow, and certainly by the day after, the clothes will be dry.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

3 miles, 50 minutes (~3.6mph)

I walked from home to work this morning. I saw the 10am bus pull away, so I decided that rather than waiting around for the 10:30 bus, I'd just start walking. I got to campus before the 10:30 bus.

A colleague of mine sent me a link to a nifty site that lets you plot your route and get the distance covered. I plotted it twice. The first time came up as just under 3 miles, and the second as just over 3 miles, so I'm splitting the difference and calling it 3 miles. (*note: You need to click "start recording" and then double click on the point that you want to mark on the map.) It took about 50 minutes. The weather was nice, about 43 degrees. I feel rather refreshed.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Just let him go...

I was watching Cold Case last night while correcting my students' homework. In one particular episode, the detectives catch a murderer and prevent him from commiting suicide.

I can't help but wonder if that was the best thing to do. If the guy was voluntarily going to remove himself from society without the court and prison costs to society, why should the police stop him?

Just a thought.

Went to bed, had a panic attack

I went to bed, hoping to sleep, but instead, I started getting all panicky about who all should be notified if I were dead, dying, in a coma, or otherwise incapacitated. Would anyone know what to do with my ferrets? I decided that rather staying in bed freaking out about it, that I would just make a list and send it to my parents. If you want to be on that list, send me an email to let me know.

On another note, I think that I might be allergic to the ferrets, but I'll deal. I'm not gonna give them up, despite skin irritation!

residually sleepy

I had absolutely no energy yesterday. I didn't get up until 10am, was sleepy all day, took a long nap, was still sleepy, and slept through the night. I didn't have the brain power to get anything done yesterday. It felt like midnight all day. I'm more awake today and playing catch-up, but I think I need to try to go to bed early tonight to try to shake whatever is draining all my energy. I've figured out that I still am not able to process academic Spanish, so I'll just do some mindless homework correction of fill in the blank worksheets for my students.

Flying Ferret!

Yeah...that whole work thing isn't really happening... maybe I should just go take a shower.

This afternoon

I met Julie at the school gym and we power walked for an hour, punctuated by a bit over 5 minutes of jogging on my part while Julie was visiting the facilities. It was nice. We worked out, chatted, and went for lunch.

When I got home, I took the ferrets out of the cage. Fuzzball made her usual tour and then curled up somewhere to continue her nap.

Chaos made it about two feet from where I set him down and curled up in a plastic bag to continue his slumber so rudely interrupted.

Now I'm trying to get motivated to get to work, since I essentially spent most of yesterday in bed, getting almost nothing done. I just had no energy.