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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Internal Monologues

Chaos: I'm soooooooooooo tired. I need a nap. Here's good.

James: Hmm....ferret. Oh! I got a call!

Monday, May 05, 2008

violence in strike-breaking is bad

I've been listening to some old union songs.

OK...I can understand that the business owner wants his business to keep making him profits.

However, killing a striking worker is ridiculous! I hope that this doesn't still happen. Let's take a moment to think of the 'unnamed strikers', gunned down while picketing.

Regardless of where you stand on the labor union issue, please value human life over profits!

Huntington Bancshares needs to protect its employees

I was reading an article about a bank teller, who was shot in the abdomen during a bank robbery, leading to the loss of her twin fetuses. This is horrible. What makes it even worse, though, is this:

Katherin Shuffield said that she started working at the bank branch in March 2007 and that since then it had been robbed three times, including the April 22 holdup.

Both she and her husband strongly criticized the level of security at the branch, saying it was insufficient to protect the staff from the threat of violence during a robbery.

"You never get the security you deserve," she said.

I would encourage anyone with ties to Huntington Bancshares to demand that they provide more security for their branch employees!