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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Flag desecration amendment

What does it mean to desecrate the flag? This is the main problem that I have with the proposed amendment to the Constitition. Would that mean that you can no longer have those little flags on toothpicks and then throw them away after the party?

I'm also very curious as to how flags are usually handled. There are a number of rules about not letting the American flag touch the ground, because it would have to be destroyed if it did. I can't help but wonder what the conditions are at the factories where they produce the flages. Also, when they are folded up in a plastic package at the grocery store and being sold for $5 out of a pallet box, must they be destroyed if one falls on the floor?

What about making clothes out of the flag?

Just wondering.

Monday, June 26, 2006

New bell for Fuzzball

Fuzzball managed to lose her bell this morning. I had to go out and buy her a new one. Due to the lack of a functioning computer with my camera software on it at the moment, I'll have to forgo the usually gratuitous ferret picture for the time being.

I guess I got up too early this morning. I got to the pet store at 9:51, but the store didn't open until 10:00, so I walked the ferrets around the parking lot for a few minutes. The people working the opening shift must have thought that I was some sort of freak for being there for opening! Honestly, I didn't even think about it being too early until after I was already in the car on my way there.

Friday, June 23, 2006

No hardcover books for kids in juvie

Per Cnn

Apparently, a number of detention centers do not allow their juvenile residents to have hardcover textbooks in their rooms, because they're afraid that the kids will use it as a weapon.

Wow...that's so weird...I've always had a thing for books. I couldn't imagine having them taken away.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Taking a break

Now that the airconditioner is back on, Fuzzall and Chaos have been more active. Now, though it's break time for Fuzzball.

Little ferret tongue

I'n't 'e cute!?

Look, I'm standing on your foot... give me a treat!

Ratboy in the tub

Nope...nothing exciting. Just an opportunity to share a picture of Chaos hanging out in the plastic tub.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

"Jury rigging"

I've just disallusioned myself of a folk etymology.

I had been told that "Jury rigging" was a corruption of "Gerry rigging" ("Gerry" from "German") describing how the Germans kept stuff up and running at the end of WWII. Per the OED, however, this is however, not the case. According to the OED online, it is an old nautical term, of unknown origin, but recorded with this meaning of improvisation back as far as the late 17th century:

1. Naut. A temporary mast put up in place of one that has been broken or carried away.

2. Hence jury- is used in comb. to designate other parts of a ship put together or contrived for temporary use, as jury-rig, jury-rigging (whence jury-rig v., jury-rigged ppl. a.), jury-rudder, jury-tiller; and humorously of other things as jury-buttocks; jury-leg, a wooden leg, or any contrivance to supply the place of a disabled leg (whence jury-legged a.); jury meal.


They also suggest that "jury" might be a shortened form of "injury," however, there is no textual evidence to support this.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Active ferrets

Well, I think turning on the AC around 3:45 this morning helped make the ferrets feel better. They've been incredibly active all morning. Fuzzball was awake and waiting for me to take her out of the cage by the time I finally got around to doing so. As soon as I put her onto the floor, she started into the ferret war dance. Poor Chaos just wanted to sleep, but she kept pouncing on him. Oh well...I guess it's payback.

Another location, another nap

Fuzzball shifted location. Another nap. I just don't get why the spot next to the litterbox is ideal...I guess it doesn't leave very far to go when she wakes up with that urge...

More pictures of the babies!

Here are a couple of pictures of Fuzzball playing with a ball of string in the plastic tub.

Here are some pictures of the babies sleeping. (Imagine that...ferrets sleeping!)

Friday, June 16, 2006

Wal-mart could pay better without raising prices

Wal-Mart could hike pay and keep prices low: study

By Emily Kaiser
Thursday, June 15, 2006; 3:09 PM

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (WMT.N) could significantly increase employee wages and benefits without raising prices, and still earn a healthy -- albeit smaller -- profit, research released on Thursday concluded.... (Full story here)

So it looks like they might be able to pay more. Another study found that Wal-mart saves families $2000/year with low prices. If they were to lower their profit margin a bit, to match companies like Costco, then they could double that for their employees ($2000 in low prices + $2000 in increased wages).

Chances are that nothing will come of this. *shrugs* It just allows Wal-mart haters to have more ammunition.

Al Qaeda wants America at war with Iran

In a quick sound bite on The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, Jim Lehrer said that the Iraqi government had acquired a number of documents in the raids after al Zarqawi's death. One of these documents, he said in passing, was a blue print for an American war with Iran. So...shall we go to war with Iran and do exactly what Al Qaeda wants us to? If there weren't reason not to go to war with Iran before, now we've got more.

Coming in for a landing...

Fuzzball often reminds me of an airplane coming in for a landing...she kinda circles the food and water dishes before actually stopping to eat or drink anything. Sometimes she makes a protracted circle, from one side of the dishes, over to the litter box (about 3 feet away) and back to the food and water dishes.

Heh...ferret hiccups

I think Fuzzball's got the hiccups. She was just lying on the floor and her little body just kinda shook at semi-regular intervals. Poor baby girl!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Musings on copyright and citing

Recently, one of my fellow grad students delivered a conference paper. Only afterwards, did he find out that someone had delivered almost the same paper at approximately the same time at another conference. So, who's work is it? Who should have cited whom???

Alternately, having been presented with various facts, I have come to my own conclusions. However, someone born 50 years earlier had seen very similar facts and come to the same conclusion as well. Due to this guy being born 50 years earlier, he was able to write it down first. Are my conclusions any less mine? Shouldn't I be able to claim credit for my own independent thoughts, even if someone else had a parallel thought process at some previous point in time?

Citing someone for an idea suggests that he or she is the only person to have ever come up with that idea, when really, he or she is just the earliest person to have written it down somewhere where the writer of a subsequent paper can find it.

Of course, there are also many published authors who will never get credit for what they've written, because their articles are buried somewhere in some library or lost in fire and will never be read again, so then the next guy can just put his name on the idea; until one of these lost copies is found, and then the next guy becomes a plagarist. Lovely.

So, refering back to another post, should I cite Hitler before stating "the current administration's policies are so outrageous that they can't be true...but what if they are? one would believe it!" because it is the same idea as Hitler expressed with "The great masses of people ... will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one." He wrote it first. (Not to mention issues of "ideas" in translation!)

Lard into Lights

It's really not that the Dutch are only concerned about's just the pig articles so far that I've felt like sharing. Maybe if more people talked about pigs, it wouldn't be so interesting. It's a nice little translation exercise for me, anyway. That and this little pig graphic is just cute!

I can only wonder how vegetarian environmentalists are going to feel about this!


Elektriciteit uit varkensvet

De Groningse varkensvetsmelterij Ten Kate gaat een
elektriciteitscentrale bouwen die werkt op reuzel. Het varkensvet
heeft volgens de eigenaar van de smelterij dezelfde calorische
waarde als stookolie. Met zijn centrale wil Ten Kate zo'n tien
megawatt opwekken; dat is voldoende elektriciteit voor 30.000
Varkensreuzel wordt doorgaans toegepast in bakkerijproducten.
Het gebruik als brandstof is nieuw.


Nieuwsservice van Radio Nederland Wereldomroep
Editie: Nederlands Nieuws, 10 juni 2006


Electricity from Pig Fat

The Groningen pig fat refinery Ten Kate is going to build a power plant that runs on lard. According to the owner of the refinery, the pig fat has the same calorie value as fuel oil. Ten Kate would like to produce about ten megawatts; which is enough electricity for 30,000 households.
Pig lard is already used in baking products.
The use as fuel is new.


Nieuwsservice van Radio Nederland Wereldomroep
Edition: Nederlands Nieuws, 10 June 2006


Here's Chaos napping...his most common activity.

A call from John Edwards for a free and open internet

John Edwards and his wife Elizabeth have started an organization that is making internet freedom one if its projects. Please visit their site and sign a petition to keep the internet from becoming a series of tolls, controlled by those who monopolize the communications industry!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Nope...don't need no fancy beds here

Why buy a bed when a plastic bag works just fine?

If an evil person makes a true statement, is the statement any less true?

Per CNN: NORTHPORT, New York (AP) -- Two high school seniors picked quotations from ***** ******'s book "**** *****" to appear under their high school yearbook pictures, prompting school officials to apologize.

"The quotes were picked by Christopher Koulermos and Philip Compton, both 18. Koulermos' read "Strength lies not in defense, but in attack." Compton chose "The great masses of people ... will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one.""

My question is, how important is it, who said these things?

The first quote ("Strength lies not in defense, but in attack.") could just as easily be from any number of military strategists. It could also be from Mr. Rumsfeld and Mr. Bush.

I could imagine the second quote ("The great masses of people ... will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one.") coming from Machiavelli, and his work is often quoted. I've heard the same thing from many conspiracy theorists and had the same thought myself many times under the current administration (formulated as "this is so outrageous it can't be true...but what if it is? one would believe it!").

But, because Hitler had these thoughts and wrote them in Mein Kampf, they are taboo. The school is writing a letter of apology, among other things, for having had the quotes included in the year book.

So, this of course raises the question about truth (philosophical or otherwise). Is it any less true if an evil/crazy/deceitful person says it?

If these students had chosen to write something about Hitler's racial theories, then I could understand offense being taken, and would be disgusted myself. However, there is nothing unique to Hitler in the quotes that the students chose.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Internet needs YOU!

There were a couple votes in the House of Representatives that were bad for Internet freedom (Net Neutrality). These votes would essentially give companies like AT&T and Verizon more control over what you see and do online.

If you value a free and open internet, please review the following votes.

Markey Net Neutrality Amendment (A vote for Internet freedom was "Aye"):
If your Representative is in the "Aye" list, call and thank him/her.
If he or she is in the "No" list, call and complain!

Bad overall COPE telecommunications bill without Markey Amendment that passed the House and gutted Net Neutrality (A vote for Internet freedom was "No"):
If your Representative is in the "No" list, call and thank him/her.
If he or she is in the "Aye" list, call and complain!


In addtion, tell your Senators to protect Net Neutrality by supporting the bipartisan Snowe-Dorgan Internet Freedom Preservation Act (S. 2917).

Bike riding and "puppies with no legs"

I decided to figure out the bike trail to my friend Julie's house. Since it was a spur of the moment decision, I didn't call ahead to make sure that she would be home, and 4.5 miles later, of course, she wasn't.

I had the ferrets with me in the Ferret Bag (tm). I put hard plastic ice packs into the bottom of the backpack to help keep them cool. As soon as I got to Julie's place, I took the ferrets out of the bag so that they could take care of any pending business and then I rung the bell. The little dears played around the plants in front of Julie's and then I decided to walk them back to the park a block away. Half way down the block, this little boy saw Fuzzball. He went running to find his daddy, shouting about "puppies with no legs!" His dad came and saw them, and I explained that they were ferrets. Father and son were thrilled.

I had to carry Fuzzball part of the way, but I finally got the ferrets to the park. I stopped at a picnic table and pulled a water bottle and water dish out of the backpack and watered the ferrets. Then I threw them back into the bag and rode home. I suspect it took about 25 minutes or half an hour each way, but however long it was, it felt good to get out and ride!

Monday, June 12, 2006

High School diploma won't cut it

I'm listening to public radio and they're talking about a program in Boston called Jobs for the Future. They're saying that the high school diploma isn't enough. They say you need at least an Associate of Arts degree, if not a Bachelor's Degree. This particular program helps retrain working adults so that they can become skilled workers. In particular, they're talking about a project called Jobs to Careers. I'm not quite sure what the program is in practice, but it sounds a lot like a neo-apprentice program, which is a nice idea. The worker/student is placed in a job that is partnered with an institution of higher learning, if I understand correctly and are able to work and learn at the same time.

Just got back from a parade

Today, I marched in a Gay Pride parade with some members of my union. It was fun. It was about an hour drive to get there, but it wasn't too bad, except for my muffler falling apart on the way back and some food poisoning at the post-parade dinner.

I'm not in this picture, because I was holding the camera. We also had about three more people show up after this picture was taken.

We were chanting union stuff like, "When I say UNION, you say POWER. UNION" "POWER!" and "When I say HEALTH CARE, you say FOR ALL. HEALTH CARE" "FOR ALL!" and "When I say EQUAL, you say RIGHTS! EQUAL" "RIGHTS!"

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Fuzzball playing vigorously

Since I had such a busy first half of the day, I didn't get to let the ferrets out until around 6:00, so they have been playing rather vigorously.

Fuzzball has started playing with the stuffed ball/w/bell that I got from the ferret shelter. She seems to really amuse herself.

Fuzzball pulled the end of a cat toy into the plastic igloo with her.

walking for couples' rights

I spent about 2.5 hours wandering through a rather affluent neighborhood, knocking on people's doors to see where they stood on the proposed amendment to the state constitution, which would, in addition to defining marriage as being between a man and a woman, would also make civil unions and domestic partnerships unrecognized in this state. Most of the of people our group talked to oppose this amendment.

So, I had to be meet with the group at 9:45 this morning, walked from 11:00 to 1:30, and finished debriefing around 2:30. Since I was out, I went yarn shopping. It felt like quite a long day.

When I came home,I took a nap until about 5:00.

Now I'm watching Master and Commander.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Nope...not meant to study literature

I've started reading Jochen Vogt's Einladung zur Literaturwissenschaft (Invitation to Literary Science), which was recommended to me by the prof, who I'll have for a lit class in the fall.

The entire first chapter goes on about how there are too many people studying literature as a default field. The author goes on to warn students about how much work goes into literature, especially writing.

Everything that I read re-confirmed for me what I already knew:

I'm not interested in studying literature.

Unfortunately, I have to take a certain number of courses in it between now and the Ph.D, even though I'm focusing on linguistics. I guess I'll just keep reading this intro to lit book and suck it up.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Quote of the Day

      For those of you expecting something profound or political, I'm sorry to have to disappoint you. This is mearly something that I found amusing while reading in bed this morning.

      The source is Steven Brust's fantasy novel The Lord of Castle Black and the context is a meeting in preparation for battle:

      "Morrolan turned to the Necromancer. "Can you help?"

      "My Lord?

      "Sorcery. I have learned something of sorcery. I am told it can do amazing things. I don't know. Blast them with fire, or make stones fall on their heads, or create an illusion of giant butterflies with nine-inch teeth. Something."

      It was the image of butterflies with nine-inch teeth that amused me.

PBS and NPR under attack!

"On June 7, a US House Appropriations Subcommittee voted to slash $115 million in federal funding from the budget for public broadcasting; a 23 percent decrease from the previously-approved 2007 appropriation."

Anyone here into Sesame Street? If this federal funding isn't maintained, then Sesame Street, among others could disappear!

Anyone out there listen to Public Radio??? I'm listening to Public Radio as I write this. I also listen to Public Radio whenever I drive.

Write or call your Congressmen and tell them to fund public broadcasting!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Sleeping ferrets

Nothing exciting going on here...just hanging out. My ferrets have been sleeping all day, except for when Ratboy was trying to eat the tape off of a box and Fuzzball was chasing a ball of string.

In this picture, he looks much more vicious than he really is! As long as you're not a piece of tape, he won't bite!

If I were to set up a time-lapse camera, a ferret would be in a different position each time.

This looks like a lovely place to take a nap...

I often sleep with my hands in the

Fuzzball and Vinegar

I just saw Fuzzball drink from a bowl of vinegar; 3 times. I don't know if she somehow just couldn't figure out that it wasn't water or what, but she kept trying it. Weird.

"Americans want universal health coverage, group says" Ya think????

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The federal government should guarantee that all Americans have basic health insurance coverage, says a committee set up by Congress to find out what people want when it comes to health care.

Wow...what a surprise! People say that they want to know that they can get treated if they get sick...Whooda thought? See, we all thought that people wanted to be left to die in the gutter if they got sick.

Since no private entity can be forced to provide every man, woman, and child with healthcare, it is the federal government's responsibility to do so. Maybe if the government really were footing the bill, the government would take the whole cost of medication thing seriously. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Without health insurance anywhere, I paid 12 bolivianos ($1.50 US)to get a shot of birth control in Bolivia, 32 Euro ($40 US) in Germany, and $90 US in America.

The only people not interested in universal health care are the people who are rich enough not to have to worry about it.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

"who" versus "whom"

I've been spending my day reading the Germany Survival Bible forum from SPIEGEL. I've noticed that there are a number of postings in which "whom" is used in place of "who". One post in particular was a rant about poor education (post #52), in which "whom" was used 5 time, all of them incorrectly:

"There are exceptions of course, but the majority of students in the US graduate while functionally incompetent as individuals (academically speaking-although I haven't met a single high school grad yet whom can give change properly, OR balance a check book)."

These uses are hypercorrections, because they do not occur in the prescriptively grammatically correct location for "whom", which is an object pronoun, whereas "who" is a subject pronoun. The powers that be in American grammar have decided in the last decade or two that "who" is now acceptable in all cases in American English. I'm fine with this, and well served by it, since "whom" is not in the variety of English that I speak. However, I do know the rules for when "whom" should be used according to the style manuals and older instantiations of the English language, thanks to my over-priced education in German, where case systems are still alive and well.

So, here it is:

Who is that? ("who" is the subject of the sentence. German: Wer ist das?)

Whom do you see? ("whom" is the direct object of the sentence. German: Wen siehst du?)

(To) Whom are you giving the book? ("whom" is the indirect object. German: Wem gibst du das Buch?)

With whom are you going? ("whom" is the object of a preposition. German: Mit wem gehst du?)

So, now you know. I'm a descriptive linguist, so for the most part, it's in my ideology that whatever people produce in an oral context under normal circumstances is linguistically valid. However, these forced hypercorrections (I'm sure the writer of post #52 doesn't actually use "whom" naturally in speech) really bother me on a visceral, non-academic level. Obviously, this person is trying to write in a register beyond his/her grasp and is failing at it. Stick to what you know, folks! I think that the most embarrassing thing is to make a glaring error when discussing how stupid other people are, as in post #52! (Better yet is when you specifically try to call someone an idiot in another language and say it incorrectly!)

Thoughts on interacting with Germans

Since the World Cup is coming up, many seem to have a hightened interest in how to interact with Germans. Take a moment to read this short piece on flirting with Germans from SPIEGEL ONLINE. Basically, don't be direct in flirting and a heated political discussion can be construed as flirting with a German.

Germans often complain about Americans being so superficial. They are shocked when an American invites* them to go out for coffee. How can someone be so friendly so fast??? In Germany, you get to know someone before going for coffee. In America, you go for coffee to get to know someone. It's a neutral way to be somewhere long enough to have a conversation in an informal setting. In Germany, you have achieved something if you ever get asked out for coffee or dinner. In America, you've achieved something only if you get asked a 2nd time. (I invite my German and American readers to comment on this in the comment section.)

*Be careful about "inviting" Germans. In German, the equivalent verb "einladen", means that you are not only asking them to share their company with you, but you are also offering to pay, which is not always the case in America, where everyone often pays for his own coffee.

Additional thoughts on German/American interaction.

Find Fuzzball!

I wanna go to sleep, but Fuzzball is hiding somewhere, where I can't find her! *grumbles* The search goes on...

Update: Found her! She put herself to bed. She was in one of the hammocks in the cage. However, Chaos climbed right in on top of her when I put him into the cage, so I didn't see her under His Fuzziness. When he moved to another bed, I noticed that there was still something fuzzy in the hammock, at which point I found Fuzzball and took her harness off of her for the night.

My turn to go to bed now!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Chaos - to boldly go where no ferret has gone before

I thought that only cats were so enamoured of climbing into random boxes.

I got this tub at the ag store to replace the plastic pool that I'd gotten for them before. This will take up a lot less space in the livingroom. Ratboy got in it before I even put the crinkled up paper balls in it.

F***ing Rat!

Every once in a while, including today, Fuzzball decides that the front of the bottom shelf of my bookshelf would make an excellent litter box. So, then there's always the mad dash to clean it up with Clorox wipes before it soaks into the books and dries! *grumbles*

Harry and Maude

Here are a couple of pictures of my parents' gerbils, Harry and Maude. I decided to wait to post these pictures until I got my laptop back from the repair people and had a graphics program more powerful than Paint at my disposal.



Saturday, June 03, 2006

Chaos: Explorer

Chaos has been rather interested in the workings of the dishwasher. Here, he tries to figure out how he might get inside, shortly after it has been started.

Ah...Ratboy on the window sill...(OK, so he had a little help getting up there!)

Friday, June 02, 2006

Userfriendly's comment on Net Neutrality.

Those of you who know will appreciate this. Those who don't should check it out.

On the wrong side of the fence

There are some places where the ferrets just aren't my parents' bedroom. That doesn't keep them from waiting for an opportunity, though.

'Foiled again by the baby gate!'

Heh...jihadist babies

I got this in an email a while ago and sent it to my mom. She just recently replied to it and reminded me of it.


Q & A: Our Omnipotent President

Q. Can the president spy on Americans without a warrant?
A. The president has to spy on Americans without a warrant! We're at war, and the president's gotta defend America, and he's not gonna wait for a permission slip from a judge or a senator or America to do it!
Q. That's just the kinda tough, no-nonsense thinking I like in a de facto dictator! Now some crazy people say the president broke some silly old laws like FISA and the National Security Act and the Fourth Amendment. Are these crazy people crazy?
A. They sure are! Maybe those laws worked back in 1978 back when Leonid Brezhnev was snortin coke with Ayatollah Khomeini and groovin to the hits of the Bee Gees, but in today's dark and dangerous times they just aren't enough.
Q. Things sure have changed since the innocent days of mutually assured destruction! But is it legal for the president to ignore the law?
A. Maybe not according to plain ol stupid ol regular law, but we're at war! You don't go to war with regular laws, which are made outta red tape and bureaucracy and Neville Chamberlain. You go to war with great big strapping War Laws made outta tanks and cold hard steel and the American Fightin Man and WAR, KABOOOOOOM!
Q. How does a War Bill become a War Law?
A. It all begins with the president, who submits a bill to the president. If a majority of both the president and the president approve the bill, then it passes on to the president, who may veto it or sign it into law. And even then the president can override himself with a two-thirds vote.
Q. See it's the checks and balances that make all the difference in our democratic system.
A. It's true.
Q. Can the president spy on me without a warrant?
A. The president would never, ever spy on you, unless you're talking to a terrorist.
Q. That sounds reasonable!
A. Or an associate of a terrorist or a suspected associate of a terrorist or a possible suspected relative of a member of an affiliate of a terrorist or someone with a name that's spelled like a terrorist's or someone who's been mistakenly identified as a terrorist by an NSA algorithm.
Q. That sounds like I should look into switching to smoke signals.
A. Well if you want, the president can stop the illegal wiretapping just for you.
Q. Really? Well thanks, that'd be great!
A. And then the terrorists can come and eat you.
Q. Wait! What?
A. Cause without the wiretaps there's nothin to stop the terrorists from eatin you, yknow. The terrorists and their army of bees.
Q. Oh no! I'm allergic to terrorists AND bees!
A. Oh that's too bad, cause now the president hasta stop the illegal wiretaps and let alllll those terrorist bees eat you.
Q. Quick! Put the wiretaps back, put the wiretaps back!
A. No no, you just said you wanna get eaten. Eaten by terrorist bees.
Q. I change my mind! Please let the president wiretap me, pleeeease.
A. I dunno...
Q. Please, I can change! I DO believe in terror, I DO believe in terror!
A. Oh, alright. But just this once!
Q. It's a Nine-Elevenmas miracle!

Q. Is the president above the law?
A. Nobody's above the law! As commander-in-chief the president just outranks the law.
Q. So the president doesn't break the law. He just appoints new laws to fill vacancies in the office of law, as empowered by Acticle II of the Shmonstitution!
A. In the presidential order of succession the law falls between Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings and Secretary of Veterans Affairs Jim Nicholson.
Q. You can't put the law any higher. It would just slow down the War on Terror with bureaucratic rules and regulations like the Geneva Conventions and the Bill of Rights.
A. If the law outranked the president we'd never get anything done! The president would go toss Osama bin Laden through a plate glass window and the law would call him into his office an go "Dammit president, you're outta control!"
Q. And then the president'd be all "You're outta control, chief! The whole freakin system's outta control!"
A. And then the president would totally turn in his badge and quit the force to fight crime!
Q. Fight crime... with mind-powers.

Q. Can the president eat a baby?
A. If that baby has suspected ties to al Qaeda, then it's the president's duty to eat it - for the sake of national security.
Q. The president doesn't want to eat sweet, delicious babies. He just wants to protect America from the growing threat of a rogue baby insurgency.
A. Exactly. And nobody will have more compassion for that succulent baby barbecue than him.
Q. How many non-terrorist babies would it be acceptible for the president to accidentally eat in the course of enforcing a rigorous terrorist baby-eating program?
A. First of all, the president would never ever eat a baby unless it was reasonably suspected to be affiliated with possible terroresque program activities. Second of all, do we really wanna start tyin the president's hands when he's tryin to protect everybody from jihadist babies? They could be Islamifying our country's drool supply as we speak!
Q. Sir, I demand the immediate establishment of a cabinet-level Department of Baby-Eating!
A. Just til we win the War on Terror, of course!
Q. And with our sophisticated baby-eating technology we should be taking the Terrorstani capital of Fearlamabad any day now!
A. Of course! But the actual occupation could last quite some time, you understand...
Q. Well, yes. But the fight has to be won. These people want to use terror to destroy our freedom.
A. And that's just un-American.

14.5 miles in about 1.5 hours on bike

I rode the spare bike up to the next town up north. I left around noon, since this was the earliest I had woken up, eaten, and dressed, and was able to get on the road. About 10 miles into it, I started to wonder if it was such a good idea. After I arrived, I went to visit a friend of mine working at a pizza place there. We chatted for a bit and then I called my dad and asked him to pick up me and my bike, since I wasn't really looking forward to the 14.5 miles back. I realized that it was rather hilly terain, although not nearly as bad as southern Germany or Bolivia! Of the 7 gears on the bike, I only went down as far as gear 5 for most of the way, though on the very last hill, I had to drop down to gear 3. At any rate, it was a good work-out that I followed up by a nice nap and shower.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Wal-mart makes good on betta promise

I stopped into Wal-mart with a friend of mine today and was happy to see that the betta cups were all around 3/4 full. :)

Now, maybe someone else can work on the blue lobsters in the grocery section.

Black and White

Need I say anything more?