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Monday, October 30, 2006

Door fix

Every time that James would pop his head in or that I would go across the hall, the blanket in front of the front door would be moved. Fuzzball decided that the bare corner was a wonderful place to do her business, even without the litterbox there, which was never a pleasant surprise when I would come back from across the hall.

Here's how I got around the ferrets pooing in front of the door. I bought lanyard clips and eyescrews. I put the eyescrews in the door and sewed the hooks and swivels to the blanket. Now when the door is opened and closed, the blanket comes with it. I had to put the eyescrews about 3 inches up from the floor for the blanket to be close enough to the door. I had difficulty getting the blanket to be close enough to the corner/wall on the right side, so I sewed a couple of overlapping plastic knives onto the edge of it to hold it straight (and still be laundry safe!).

Cute Fuzzy Ferrets

Awwwww! Aren't they precious!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

manhood issues?

So, there is this Mexican guy who lives in my apartment complex who rides this bike. It's a Schwinn 2006 Sting-Ray Spoiler 1 speed. At first when I saw it, I thought that it was kinda neat. I also have an interesting looking bike.

Then I started wondering why he got that bike. Was it because he couldn't afford a real motorcycle? Was he trying to impress girls?

The reason why I pointed out that he was Mexican, is because I had had a conversation with some of the immigrants in the apartment complex, and they said that it was really important to have a nice looking car so that they could pick up girls. They felt that the only way to pick up girls was to make it look like you had money.

So, again, I wonder about the motivation for this bike. It is very short, so it's probably a lot of work to pedal. On the other hand, it has really wide tires, so it could be good for off-road. *shrugs*

Thursday, October 19, 2006

found it!

Fuzzball's harness must have gotten caught on a plastic hanger that was on the floor, half buried under a pile of stuff. She managed to wiggle free. Fortunately, I found the harness! Yea! No more need to spend $20 on a new ferret harness!

Ratbaby did it again...

She managed to lose another harness in the apartment. When I found her to put her into the cage for the night, she didn't have her harness on. In the 5 minutes between when she came over to bed for a treat and when she snuggled up on the shawl between the chair and the desk, she managed to wiggle out of it. Now there are two harnesses of hers floating around, somewhere probably under a piece of furniture. *grumbles* I either need to find at least one of them or buy another, and ferret harnesses end up costing about $20. Damn rat.

Monday, October 09, 2006

The wonderful Olive Garden bag

Ratboy really likes this Olive Garden bag.

He especially likes biting holes in it.

Fuzzy babies on campus

Since I had to drop my laptop off at a shop near campus, I decided to take the ferrets with me and read a bit outside. I was there for about 2 hours reading.

Here are some pictures of the babies.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Ferrets frolicking wildly

There they go left! There they go right! Scamper scamper bite bite jump jump!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sounds you don't want to hear while sitting on the can, after putting the ferrets in the cage for the night, while getting ready for bed.





*crinkle, crinkle*

Yes, I cleaned out the ferret cage yesterday and did all of my laundry and theirs. After putting the cage back together, I put the kids inside and went off to take care of the evening bathroom things before going to bed. Apparently I neglected to lock one of the side-doors on the cage after replacing all the bedding. After rattling the front door for a while, Fuzzball must have found the side door open, dropped to the floor, ambled towards the light in the hallway, took a detour through a plastic bag, and then wandered up to the bathroom doorway.# Fortunately, she ambled over to the bathroom instead of going into my bedroom, where I might never have found her. I called her over to where I was sitting on the throne, giving her the hand signal that usually signifies "treat forthcoming". She came within reach and I scooped her up and dropped her in the empty bathtub until I was finished with what I was doing. She tried to get out, but the porcelain was just too slippery for her. I put her back to bed, double checked that all the cage doors were locked and then went to bed myself. Fuzzball, encouraged by her most recent success, shook the cage for a while, trying to replicate the results.


# I live alone, so the doors to the bedroom and bathroom are usually always open, except for when I shower, when I'd like to cut down on the draft.