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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Borders of Iraq closed

Apparently, the Iraqi government has closed the country's borders, so no one can leave. Syria has ordered all Iraqis out of the country in 15 days. Didn't we learn enough from the plight of the Jews in WWII? Did you know that some of them made it to United States ports, but were turned back to die in the concentration camps? It's beyond me, how anyone can refuse refugees!

Here is a conversation with an Iraqi friend of mine.

Jassim: I want to leave Karen
Jassim: but it is impossible
Jassim: did you hear ?? they closed the borders
Karen: I hadn't heard that
Jassim: i was hoping to go seriya
Karen: I suppose they are trying to keep the Iranians and other out
Jassim: Seyria ordered two days ago that all Iraqis must leave the country through 15 days
Karen: really?
Karen: why???
Jassim: no Karen, they want to keep Iraqis jailed in Iraq to be killed all
Jassim: well this what happened in Seyria, tens thousends of Iraqis living there now are facing a serious peoblem
Karen: that's horrible
Jassim: this was so hostail act from the Syrian
Jassim: there is no where they can go
Jassim: so it is like we are jailed here
Jassim: I wish to leave Karen, as soon as possible
Jassim: although it seems like it became too late
Karen: *nods*
Karen: who made the decision to close the borders?
Jassim: Iraqi government
Jassim: I think this because of the Eurpian countries claiming
Karen: claiming what?
Jassim: trying to mimize the number of Iraqi refuging to their countries
Jassim: but the Seyrian decision was shocking
Jassim: to order all Iraqis to leave the country in 15 days
Karen: it's such a short time, too
Karen: just think of people who have bought homes and have jobs
Karen: and the children already in schools, who will have to leave their new friends
Jassim: yes
Jassim: also they have no where to go, they an't go back to Iraq because they would been killed and also there are no country accept them
Jassim: leaving new friends is the last concerning thing Karen, it is a death or life issue
Karen: what do the Syrians expect the people to do?
Jassim: I'm talking about hundreds thusends of Iraqis now trying to go anywhere
Jassim: it is only to hurt Iraqis
Karen: yes...but friends make life worth living, I think. For children, friends or lacking friends makes a huge difference
Jassim: they expect nothing but hurting
Karen: *nods*
Jassim: now, really Iaq became a huge cage
Jassim: cage include a rude killing
Karen: you'd think that the world would have learned after WWII. There were Jews who tried to leave, but were sent back to Germany to die
Jassim: it seems that world did not learn the expensive lesson from WWII

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