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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Fattening up the ferret boy

Chaos just isn't as round as he should be. In fact, next to Fuzzball, he looks rather emaciated.

I've decided to give him olive oil and FerreTone everyday, as opposed to just occasionally, as well as showering him with treats.

He's got an interesting food behavior. If I set something on the floor, he may or may not eat all of it before deciding to scamper away. However, if I hold him by a saucer of olive oil, he'll lap it up. Likewise with the treats. He may or may not pick it up off the ground, but if I hold him and give it to him, then he'll take it and scamper off to eat it when I put him down.

Hopefully this 'forced feeding' will help him put on the ounces. (As an overweight person, it's funny to think of putting on ounces instead of pounds; the little guy will only weigh about 2lbs when he's at a healthy weight. He's a small ferret boy; not one of those big 4 pounders.)

I guess I need to be careful at first to not over-do it. I wouldn't want to make him sick with all the new supplements.

The biggest problem with adding weight to him versus adding weight to Fuzzball is that while Fuzzball sleeps all the time, Chaos can be rather hyper. Fuzzball will plod along on walks, but Chaos will run. She will just kinda poke around, but he's busy climbing up the furniture. I guess he's been working off more than he's been taking in.

I took him to the vet, and she said that his blood-sugar was borderline low. He's often having little seizures, though, so I'll probably have to take him in again to get some medication. I've been giving him a drop of Karo syrup when I see him seizing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, Its been almost a year since you posted this. Did Chaos ever fatten up? I need to know because we just became the proud owners of a female and she's very skinny. When I hold her I can feel her back bone and ribcage.

Karen said...

I found that feeding him chicken babyfood (Gerber Step 2) worked. I feed him with a small syringe. I couldn't tell you how much, though. Usually until he absolutely won't eat any more. In order to make sure that he is getting enough vitamins and nutrients, I grind up his dry food in a coffee grinder and mix it in with the baby food and some water. The coffee grinder makes the bits small enough to go through the syringe too, so it can all be force fed if need be. Your baby might need to be force fed to get used to the flavor, but after a day or up to a couple of weeks, she'll probably lick it off of a plate all by herself if it is watery enough. One of my ferrets will eat it pretty thick, the other wants a gravy/soup consistency. Good luck!

Daddy said...

First thing Check all of their teeth, especially the rear ones!!!, for chipped, broken, and or rotted teeth. I just lost my Boogie, found out too late, couldnt revive him. Take them to a Ferret friendly Vet.Goodluck and Godspeed!